About Muzinich

Investment Values

  • We commit to rigorous credit analysis. In depth credit research, rather than credit engineering, is the long-term driver of attractive risk-adjusted returns.
  • We respect risk. We invest with a full understanding of the asymmetric risk posed by credit investments and believe in the importance of diversification.
  • We perform our own bottom-up research. We do not rely on ratings agencies or the views of other external providers.
  • We are results-focused. Our process is time-tested and repeatable.

Firm Values

  • Muzinich is privately owned and fully independent. We believe complete independence allows integrity in thought and action.
  • We take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. Trust is the foundation on which the firm is built.
  • We are fully transparent. We seek transparency in our investments and we offer complete transparency to our investors.
  • We are team-oriented. We adhere to a flat structure to encourage idea generation and debate.