Investment Grade: Global Short Duration

Our global short duration investment grade strategy seeks to generate, in our opinion, attractive returns within tight parameters to help limit interest rate risk and credit risk. The strategy is generally managed with a short duration target. The strategy is heavily focused on investment grade rated instruments, although can invest a small percentage in high yield rated securities at the team’s discretion.

To help achieve the strategy’s short duration objective, we focus on to investments in short-dated corporate bonds across the global investment grade market, allocating across the US, Europe, and Emerging Markets. Our investment approach is based on fundamental credit analysis and integrating ESG considerations. The team also incorporates top-down macro views within the strategy’s duration and credit quality parameters.

Risque en Capital : La valeur des investissements et les revenus qui en découlent peuvent aussi bien baisser qu'augmenter et ne sont pas garantis.  Les investisseurs peuvent ne pas récupérer l'intégralité du montant investi.  Les performances passées ne sont pas une indication des performances actuelles ou futures.

Lancement de la stratégie


Localisation des équipes d’investissement

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