Long / Short – European Credit Alpha

Our European Credit Alpha strategy aims to generate in our opinion attractive returns across varied market conditions, with a focus on European High Yield investments, as well as using an array of hedging tools to help provide downside mitigation. We believe a dynamic strategy that combines long and short positions across a broad investment universe offers the potential for positive alpha generation. The goal of the strategy is to capture the upside of the European High Yield market but with enhanced downside protection.

This long/short, total-return credit strategy focuses on investments across European credit markets seeking to make strong conviction trades. The strategy is based around three main portfolios: Core Long, Arbitrage and Overlay. The strategy has the ability to use a diverse range of instruments including cash instruments (bullet or callable bonds), floating and fixed- rate instruments, senior, subordinated and hybrid debt, loans and derivatives.

Risque en Capital : La valeur des investissements et les revenus qui en découlent peuvent aussi bien baisser qu'augmenter et ne sont pas garantis.  Les investisseurs peuvent ne pas récupérer l'intégralité du montant investi.  Les performances passées ne sont pas une indication des performances actuelles ou futures.

Lancement de la stratégie


Localisation des équipes d’investissement