Insight  |  February 19, 2024

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - February 19th 2024

We reflect on the main developments in financial markets last week and consider whether the outcome of the Super Bowl will have any bearing on investments in the coming months.


Insight  |  February 12, 2024

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - 12th February 2024

Month-to-date (MTD), government yields were higher at the end of last week, as investors scaled back the timing of policy loosening by Western central banks. In contrast, Latin American central banks, the first to tighten, continue to remove restrictive measures.


Snapshot  |  February 12, 2024

Muzinich Asset Allocation Group Monthly Update - February 2024

Please click to view our latest Asset Allocation Group video update for the month of February 2024.


Snapshot  |  February 8, 2024

Corporate Credit Snapshot

Global credit delivered mostly positive returns with US and European loans and European high yield leading the way.


Insight  |  February 5, 2024

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - February 5th 2024

It was a heavy week for earnings, economic data, and central bank meetings. Government bond curves flattened with the long ends outperforming in both the US and Germany. Investment grade corporate credit outperformed, with its weekly performance pushing January’s total return for the asset class into positive territory.


Analysis  |  February 2, 2024

Staying in Short-Dated Credit to Potentially Take Advantage of Rate Curve Steepening

How will the normalization of the yield curve impact credit investors?


Viewpoint  |  January 30, 2024

The 5 Phases of US High Yield Energy

US high yield energy today potentially offers a compelling investment choice following over a decade’s worth of events that have shaped the sector.


Insight  |  January 29, 2024

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - January 29th 2024

It was a good week to be invested, as government bond curves bull steepened, and front ends outperformed. Corporate credit generated positive total returns, with carry continuing to work in credit markets. Commodities also had a strong week, and equity markets continued to push higher with a number of key indexes now at or close to their all-time highs.


Insight  |  January 24, 2024

Emerging Market Corporate Debt - 2024 Outlook

A positive macroeconomic backdrop, improving corporate fundamentals, limited supply, a majority local buyer base, attractive yields and expectations that defaults will remain range bound we believe make a compelling case for emerging market corporates in 2024.


Viewpoint  |  January 19, 2024

Private Debt - Opportunity in the Midst of Confusion

Trends in the global economy are likely to continue to make private debt a compelling investment choice in 2024.


Viewpoint  |  January 16, 2024

US High Yield 2024 Outlook

After a strong performance in 2023, what does the coming year have in store for US high yield and is this a good time to allocate?


Viewpoint  |  December 22, 2023

The Impact of Higher Rates on Developed Market High Yield: Headwind or Opportunity?

After over 18 months of interest rate hikes, developed market policy rates may have peaked. Rate cuts potentially turning into a tailwind would be good news for fixed income returns. In a ‘higher-for-longer’ environment, rates could stay elevated, which has implications for high yield issuers’ cost of refinancing and access to the primary bond market.


Viewpoint  |  December 12, 2023

Yield - A Gift That's Difficult to Ignore - 2024 Public Market Credit Outlook

We expect credit markets to offer generous total returns in 2024, amid positive carry and range bound credit spreads.


Podcast  |  November 28, 2023

Muzinich Enhancedyield Strategy reaches 20 Year Anniversary

Muzinich's Co-Head of Public Markets, Tatjana-Greil Castro gives an update on the Enhancedyield Strategy as it reaches its 20 year anniversary in our latest 3 Under 5 Podcast.


Podcast  |  November 21, 2023

The Muzinich Insurance Podcast

Please click to listen to our inaugural Insurance Podcast. Over a series of podcasts, we'll be tackling a range of insurance asset management topics, which we hope will provide useful insights for our insurance clients and contacts when thinking about their own investment decisions.


Podcast  |  November 14, 2023

Podcast - The potential benefits of Emerging Market Debt in a diversified portfolio

Muzinich's Head of Emering Market Credit, Warren Hyland gives an update on the Emerging Market Corporate Credit lanscape and the potential benefits of Emerging Market Debt in a diversified portfolio in our latest 3 Under 5 Podcast.


Podcast  |  November 7, 2023

Podcast - Muzinich Global Tactical Credit Strategy reaches 10 Year Anniversary

Muzinich's Co-Head of Public Markets, Mike McEachern gives an update on the Global Tactical Credit Strategy as it reaches its 10 year anniversay in our latest 3 Under 5 Podcast.


Insight  |  October 17, 2023

European High Yield – Opportunities for Active Managers

Increased convexity, limited supply and the return of dispersion we believe is resulting in a compelling opportunity in European high yield.


Podcast  |  October 13, 2023

Podcast - Muzinich Aviation Finance Explained

Muzinich's Global Head of Aviation Finance, Alok Wadhawan gives an update on the asset class in our latest 3 Under 5 Podcast.


Podcast  |  October 10, 2023

Podcast - Three reasons why investors might consider European High Yield

Portfolio Manager Thomas Samson discusses why investors might consider High Yield in our latest 3 Under 5 Podcast.


Snapshot  |  October 3, 2023

In Conversation: ESG in Emerging Markets - Applying sustainability factors to EM credit portfolios

Muzinich & Co’s new ‘In Conversation’ series seeks to uncover how our investment professionals approach specific elements in their investment strategies. Here we talk to Portfolio Manager Warren Hyland, who has been managing our emerging market strategies for 10 years.

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