Insight  |  October 2, 2023

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - October 2nd 2023

As September came to a close, it occurred to us that history may conclude that 2023 has mostly just reinforced September’s reputation as a fairly miserable month for total return investors.


Insight  |  September 25, 2023

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - September 25th 2023

Last week central banks took center stage—thirteen rate decisions were announced across the world.


Viewpoint  |  September 22, 2023

Staying in Short-Dated Credit as the Rate Curve Dis-Inverts

How will the dis-inversion of the yield curve impact credit investors?


Insight  |  September 18, 2023

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - September 18th 2023

Last week was largely positive for asset prices in a key week for data and central bank activity.


Snapshot  |  September 13, 2023

Muzinich Asset Allocation Group Monthly Update - September 2023

Please click to view our latest Asset Allocation Group video update for the month of September 2023.


Snapshot  |  September 8, 2023

Corporate Credit Snapshot

Global credit delivered mostly positive returns.


Insight  |  August 29, 2023

Muzinich Weekly Market Comment - 29th August 2023

With no Federal Reserve (Fed) or European Central Bank (ECB) meetings in August, the market has been anticipating Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium that took place at the end of last week.


Insight  |  August 4, 2023

US High Yield – Different This Time Around?

It’s been a strong year for US high yield with the market up close to 7% year to date1.


Podcast  |  July 19, 2023

Podcast - The Relationship between Interest Rates and Credit Spreads

Portfolio Manager Ian Horn discusses the relationship between interest rates and credit spreads with Erick Muller in our latest 3 Under 5 Podcast.


Insight  |  July 6, 2023

Where Are We in the Credit Cycle?

While credit markets have performed relatively well year to date, the macroeconomic backdrop, inflation and the reaction function of central banks remains uncertain. Mike McEachern discusses his thoughts on the key macro themes influencing credit markets and how he is positioning his multi-asset credit strategies to navigate this uncertain environment.


Insight  |  June 28, 2023

European Syndicated Loans – Three Reasons to Consider an Allocation

A rising interest rate environment, limited new issue supply and improving lending standards are likely to prove beneficial for the asset class, offering investors a potentially compelling entry point.


Insight  |  June 26, 2023

Lower Middle Market Private Credit – A Golden Vintage

How challenges in the US banking system could create an opportunity for lower middle market private credit investors.


Insight  |  June 21, 2023

Why Negative Correlation in Credit is Positive

The return of differentiated behaviour between investment grade and high yield could prove beneficial for investors in crossover strategies.


Insight  |  June 20, 2023

Private Debt – Opportunities in the Lower Middle Market

Ongoing bank disintermediation and tighter regulations have resulted in private lenders becoming a fixed part of the lending landscape. The US market is the most established, followed by Europe with the Asia Pacific catching up fast.


Viewpoint  |  April 27, 2023

Short Duration Credit – Consensus Should Not Drive Conviction

In times of uncertainty, we believe it makes sense to optimise return potential across a range of possible outcomes, rather than maximise it based on a particular scenario.


Insight  |  April 12, 2023

Fixed Maturity Portfolios – Time to Lock in Income?

How can investors seek to lock in potentially higher yields without taking undue credit risk?


Insight  |  April 12, 2023

A Tale of Two Banks

In the space of a few weeks two iconic symbols of finance self-destructed.


Insight  |  March 31, 2023

Could the Tide be Turning for Asia Credit?

Following a difficult and challenging 2022, will 2023’s Year of the Rabbit characteristics of thoughtfulness and calm be reflected in the performance of Asia credit? Portfolio Manager Mel Siew discusses his outlook.


Insight  |  March 27, 2023

Emerging Market Corporates - Time to Reallocate?

The outlook for emerging markets appears to be improving, buoyed by China’s economic reopening, but it is important to focus on quality given ongoing uncertainties in the market.


Insight  |  February 22, 2023

Top Three Credit Themes for 2023

In what is shaping up to be a very different investment environment to 2022, three key themes are underpinning our multi-asset credit strategies.


Insight  |  January 31, 2023

5 Reasons to Consider Short Duration Credit

The potential for higher yields and protection from volatility make a compelling case for short duration bonds

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