Corporate Responsibility

We recognise that decisions we make as investors can have far greater impacts – both negative and positive – than our operational decisions. Nevertheless, we believe it is vital to practice what we advocate to portfolio companies in relation to corporate sustainability. We believe corporate responsibility is simply good business. It can engage employees in their work and often highlights opportunities for operational efficiencies such as energy use and transport. It can also support our investment team’s corporate engagement efforts by bringing certain ESG issues, which can otherwise seem intangible, to life.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe diversity in all its forms is good for business. In our view, diverse perspectives can lead to better decisions, benefiting employees and clients alike, and a focus on greater diversity can attract a wider pool of potential employees.

As a truly global firm, we have employees from nearly 30 nationalities. This breadth of global representation provides us with an understanding and appreciation of multiple cultures, languages and regions across all levels of our business.

Many of our investment professionals originate from the markets in which they invest, while our locally-based client-facing teams have a deep connection with their local client culture.

We believe hiring from such a diverse and inclusive pool of local talent across a global platform culminates in the generation of a more comprehensive set of skills, ideas and perspectives which strengthens our teams, their decision making and productivity.  Please click here to read our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Charter.

Women are well represented across our firm and Muzinich & Co. Limited is a proud signatory of the UK’s HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter. In 2019 Muzinich & Co. Limited published its commitment to the Charter which sets ambitious diversity targets for senior management and across the whole of Muzinich & Co. Limited, while striving to promote diversity in the broader financial sector. To access our UK Women in Finance Charter statement please click here.

Muzinich & Co. Limited and its subsidiaries (“Muzinich & Co. Limited”, “we”,  “our”)  signed up to the UK Women in Finance Charter in 2018. When we made our first statement in September 2019 we declared that we had 40% female representation in our senior management and 38% female representation overall (as of 30 April 2019).  Since then, our staff numbers have grown by around 30%.

As of 30 April 2021, we had 46% female representation in our senior management and 37% female employees overall. Our target is to ensure that women make up at least 42% of senior management and of all positions within Muzinich & Co. Limited by 30 April 2023.

While we are only partially on track with our gender diversity targets, we remain confident that we can meet our Women in Finance Charter targets by the deadline we have set for ourselves. We are proud of the levels of gender diversity we have achieved at Muzinich & Co. Limited but will strive to improve this with further education and other initiatives to support female employees working at Muzinich & Co. Limited and in the wider financial sector

To deliver on our diversity commitments, Muzinich staff participate in relevant industry initiatives, many of which are detailed in our UK Women in Finance Charter statement. Among these, our team members regularly speak on this topic. In 2019, Christina Bastin, Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets – Asia, discussed the need for more humanity in investments.

“We need more human communication and we need more diverse thinking”

Views are for information purposes only, are subject to change, and should not be construed as investment advice.

Nothing contained herein is intended to constitute investment, legal, tax, accounting or other advice. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss. Views, investment process and objectives are subject to change.  Click here for more information on the UK Women in Finance Charter.