Corporate Social Responsibility

Operational Improvements

We believe corporate responsibility is simply good business. It can engage employees in their work and often highlights opportunities for operational efficiencies such as energy use and transport.

We are implementing an increasingly carbon-efficient approach to our business operations, in areas such as energy use, waste disposal and business travel. We are committed to reducing our operational emissions to net-zero by 2030 through new initiatives relating to energy use, travel and our supply chain. For our most difficult to abate emissions, we use carbon offsets to reach that goal.

Social Initiatives

We take the mental and physical health of our employees very seriously and provide regular webinar sessions that address subjects such as mindfulness, mental health, diet, exercise and general fitness. We recognize that a flexible working policy can contribute to: i) sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact of commuting; ii) promoting diversity and inclusion; iii) supporting wellbeing, satisfaction, productivity and; iv) attracting and retaining talent.

Supporting the Economy

We believe the ability to provide financing is a key contributing factor to the growth and development of the economic landscape, creating jobs and supporting families.  Money is a powerful tool, and we have a deep fundamental view on how it should be used. Small and medium sized companies are the growth engines of the global economy. Yet these businesses can face high hurdles in obtaining financing. We believe that by providing the financing these companies need to function and flourish, and by partnering with them on that journey, has a direct benefit on the company as well as broader community. This ethos underpinned the launch of our private debt business and is a theme that continues to feature strongly across our private debt portfolios.

Decarbonising our Portfolios

We are also expanding our activities to further reduce the carbon intensity of our investments, as well as increasing our ESG disclosures. More details on how we are reducing the carbon footprint of our portfolios can be found here.