Muzinich Enhancedyield Short-Term Fund

Fund Overview

For investors looking for an attractive yield with limited credit and duration risks.

  • Primarily invests in corporate bonds with an average duration of no more than 2 years
  • The portfolio seeks to maintain an average investment grade credit rating but may increase return potential by investing up to 40% in high yield credit
  • Invests in global corporate bond markets across Europe, the US and Emerging Markets
  • Ongoing active management of the portfolio to reflect changes in market conditions, interest rates and credit risk
  • Tactical use of derivatives to seek downside protection during periods of increased volatility

Reasons to include the Fund in a Portfolio

  • An IG portfolio with the ability to invest in HY (up to 40%) may provide investors with a higher yield and low volatility
  • A global short duration strategy offers diversification across rate curves and credit markets
  • A short-dated focus gives us good visibility over our holdings being repaid in the near term, which should limit the volatility of the overall portfolio
  • The strategy is global, helping to diversify any volatility in particular markets or rate curves

Key Facts

Fund Launch Date - 26 November 2023
Domicile - Irish-Domiciled UCITS
SFRD Classification - Article 8


Photo of Tatjana Greil-Castro Lead Portfolio Manager Tatjana Greil-Castro
Photo of Ian Horn Portfolio Manager Ian Horn
Photo of Joe Galzerano Portfolio Manager Joe Galzerano
Photo of Richard Smith Portfolio Manager / Analyst Richard Smith

PARA CHILE – ESTA OFERTA PRIVADA SE INICIA EL DÍA SEGÚN LO ESTABLECIDO EN EL TÍTULO Y SE ACOGE A LAS DISPOSICIONES DE LA NORMA DE CARÁCTER GENERAL Nº 336 DE LA SUPERINTENDENCIA DE VALORES Y SEGUROS, HOY COMISIÓN PARA EL MERCADO FINANCIERO. ESTA OFERTA VERSA SOBRE VALORES NO INSCRITOS EN EL REGISTRO DE VALORES O EN EL REGISTRO DE VALORES EXTRANJEROS QUE LLEVA LA COMISIÓN PARA EL MERCADO FINANCIERO, POR LO QUE TALES VALORES NO ESTÁN SUJETOS A LA FISCALIZACIÓN DE ÉSTA. POR TRATAR DE VALORES NO INSCRITOS NO EXISTE LA OBLIGACIÓN POR PARTE DEL EMISOR DE ENTREGAR EN CHILE INFORMACIÓN PÚBLICA RESPECTO DE LOS VALORES SOBRE LOS QUE VERSA ESTA OFERTA. ESTOS VALORES NO PODRÁN SER OBJETO DE OFERTA PÚBLICA MIENTRAS NO SEAN INSCRITOS EN EL REGISTRO DE VALORES CORRESPONDIENTE. For Chile – This private offer commences on the date as stated in the title and it avails itself of the General Regulation No. 336 of the Superintendence of Securities and Insurances, currently the Financial Markets Commission. This offer relates to securities not registered with the Securities Registry or the Registry of Foreign Securities of the Financial Markets Commission, and therefore such securities are not subject to oversight by the latter. Being unregistered securities, there is no obligation on the issuer to provide public information in Chile regarding such securities. These securities may not be subject to a public offer until they are registered in the corresponding Securities Registry.

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