High Yield

The high yield credit universe has expanded rapidly in recent years, and there are now compelling investment opportunities to be found, not just in the established markets of the US and Europe, but also in emerging economies.

At Muzinich we run various high yield strategies that provide our clients with access to the US, European and global markets. Investing primarily in cash bonds, these strategies aim to increase in value over the long term while minimizing volatility and providing an attractive income. As an active investment manager, Muzinich’s portfolio managers have the flexibility to invest in the best potential opportunities.

While rigorous, in-depth fundamental credit analysis is the root of each investment strategy, our investment team considers quantitative criteria and the macroeconomic backdrop when making decisions.

This research-based approach focuses on delivering attractive, risk-adjusted returns in our strategies, with significantly fewer defaults than the market average since inception of our first high yield strategy in 1990.

Each strategy is available to investors either through pooled funds or segregated accounts. Segregated accounts can be customized to an investor’s particular risk profile.

Nothing contained herein is intended to constitute investment, legal, tax, accounting or other advice. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss. Investment process and objectives are subject to change.